HASTINGS, Neb. – Nebraska Chamber of Commerce President Bryan Slone is spending his summer touring the state to visit and collaborate with local chambers of commerce.

Slone says the goal of the meeting with local leaders is to hear what issues they deal with in their respective businesses and economies, so they can be addressed at the state level in the Nebraska Legislature. 

The Nebraska Chamber is directly involved with the Nebraska Legislature, as some members, including Slone, are able to lobby senators to consider passing bills regarding specific issues. 

While Governor Jim Pillen wants to see the state Legislature tackle property tax issues, Slone says the State Chamber is primarily focused on the state workforce shortage. 

"This workforce issue we have now is only going to get worse, absence some public policy changes," said Slone. "Population and workforce is our number one issue, and we need to have policies, and the legislature needs to be adopting tax codes and regulations that help bring young people to the state."

Slone has been the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce President for six years, and says currently the workforce shortage, population retention, and legal immigration reform are some of the biggest issues facing the state right now. 

"We have to become known as a technology state to continue to attract the next generation, and the next generation of businesses to our state," said Slone. "We have to invest in technology companies, we have to welcome technology companies, and we have to welcome people moving to our state."

Slone stopped in Hastings on Wednesday, and will visit Grand Island Thursday before continuing his statewide tour.

View our full interview with Slone in the video player above as he addresses a slew of different topics that affect Nebraska.