BEATRICE – Gage County officials will take bids to replace a closed bridge at the east edge of Pickrell, with a triple concrete box culvert structure.
The county board approved specifications and will seek bids, which will be reviewed on June 26th.

Board Chairman Erich Tiemann says the goal is to have the new structure in place by September 15th….before the height of harvest time.
"I was reminded at least seven, if not at least eight times in the last three days how important that road is. We're trying out best, but that's a quicker time...75 days duration for that project."

The bridge over Indian Creek, located at the intersection of West Pickrell Road and Southwest 2nd…..has been closed for several weeks after an inspection showed problems with the deck of the bridge.  "The emphasis will be placed on if we see somebody who is going to put it in very quick and they are a little bit more money, we have the option to award to the quicker bridge builder."

On another matter, county officials approved a resolution placing four-way stop signs at two intersections in Holmesville, where motorists sight is obstructed. The county included in the resolution removal of the signs later, if obstructions are removed and an engineering review shows the problem has been resolved.

The Gage County Board also approved a fiber line permit sought by Pinpoint Communications that had previously been opposed by a board member. The company’s permit was approved after it was determined the project would not build into a broadband project area for which the county used ARPA funds to aid in development.

The fiber will be installed from Dorsey to Juniper Road, between South 1st Road and South 5th Drive….at the northeast edge of Beatrice.