NEBRASKA CITY – Nebraska City police are looking for suspects in a debit card heist that involved three people, one vehicle and an unsuspecting victim.

Police Cpt. Lonnie Neeman said a local woman used her debit card to pay for groceries at Fareway, but a male subject in line behind her could see her enter her PIN number.

When the woman went to her car, a man she described as “very nice and polite” approached and asked her for driving directions. Neeman said while she was distracted, someone else reached into her car and stole her debit card without her suspecting anything.

Store employees had brought out the groceries and contacted police about suspicious activity.
Neeman said the victim did not know her wallet had been removed from her purse until police asked her to check.

Police say the card was first used to withdraw cash at First Interstate Bank in downtown Nebraska City. It was then used at Walmart for various items that were purchased and returned for cash. The debit card was used numerous times in about 15 minutes until it reached its limit.

Police suspect the thieves walked from Walmart to a dark-colored Jeep SUV on south 11th Street.

Neeman says there was an attempt to use the card again in Lincoln around 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

Nebraska City Crime Stoppers are offering a reward in connection with this case.