BEATRICE - Moving day is approaching for the Gage County Sheriff’s Office… into new office space in what used to be the west garage area of the sheriff’s office.
The approximate $200,000 renovation project has been in progress for several months.

Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson says it’s not so much about picking up additional space but consolidating office area and providing better public access.
"The big thing was...the thrust was handicap...ADA compatible. We were having problems up here with steps. People had trouble getting up, falling down and getting hurt. The board realized we had to do something and they took this step, so hopefully it will make a big difference for those who need that accommodation".

Friday, January 17th, and on the 20th and 21st, computers, furniture and other equipment will be moved to the new quarters. Monday the 20th is a federal holiday. There will be some disruption in service as the move is made.

"We still want to try to provide some services, as best we can, but it's going to be limited. It's going to be interesting to make the move, get everything set back up and put together".

Sheriff’s vehicles parked in front of what was the garage, will move to the east side of the facility. In front of the new offices will be a single public parking space along with a disability parking space. A new ground-level entrance door will be the main public access, replacing the current one with a staircase, slightly to the east.
"This other one will pretty much be non-existent for most use, unless its freight. We're still going to do visitation up here on the old section, for professional visitations for clergy, atorneys, things like that".

The title inspection parking in front of the office will remain. Old office areas being vacated will be used for storage, with one of the rooms providing more space for kitchen operations associated with the county jail.
Gustafson said, "They don't have room for storage. They order their supplies just almost as they need them. Here, they can get a little more bulk supply and store it here, and take care of some of their need".

As for the old sheriff’s living quarters at the east side of the building, that stays, for now. Old records in the basement of the office will be scanned into electronic systems.
Gustafson says the hope is to make as quick a transition as possible and minimize any public inconvenience.