BEATRICE – Law officers called to a north Beatrice bar late Monday night, arrested a Springfield, Nebraska man on suspicion of second-degree trespassing and sexual assault. 

Police were dispatched at 11:42 p.m. on a report from a bartender who said a man was groping an off-duty female bartender and refusing to leave the establishment.

When police arrived, customers directed them to the suspect, whose speech was heavily slurred and was unsteady on his feet. 

He had come into the bar at around seven p.m., and the alleged victim had ended her shift at about eight p.m. 

The man began kissing the off-duty bartender, touching her without her permission and grabbing her.  The on-duty bartender had told the man to leave several times, but he refused. 

Police arrested 49-year-old Gary L. Stewart of Springfield.   He was initially transported to a detox center in Lincoln.