BEATRICE – Some Exmark employees Tuesday were trading in their skills in making mowers, manning electric carving knives to help in the Salvation Army’s local Thanksgiving meal.

It’s the tenth year for the effort which helps provide a nice meal on the holiday. Exmark Senior Customer Service Representative Christie Moore says employees volunteer for the carving, stuffing and cleanup as an extension of a company tradition.

"Exmark actually hands out turkeys to all their employees, for Thanksgiving. So, an employee has the option to donate their turkey to an organization in need. So, we have some turkeys from that, which we can use to cook up, for the Salvation Army"

Employees were carving up nine turkeys, a program that began in 2008 where volunteers mainly helped set up and serve people at the Salvation Army.
Moore said, "In that event, we found out that their real need is finding individuals to cook the turkeys. They have a lot of individuals who donate frozen turkeys, which is wonderful. Their concern is finding enough people to cook it. So, that's where we decided to step up and start cooking turkeys and carving them, for them".

There’s at least three benefits from the carving work…employees get a break from the typical day, they’re helping others…..and….
"The smell resonates through the plant and the factory so automatically gets you in the spirit, when you smell that good turkey smell".

Exmark and their employees routinely give back to the community, such as undertaking community improvement projects and donating mowers to non-profit organizations.