STERLING – Sterling School Superintendent Dottie Heusman resigned Nov. 5 following complaints that the school did not report a threat to law enforcement that includes allegations of a kill list and inquiries about obtaining an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

Following the arrest of a 15-year-old student on Oct. 9, the school reported it had conducted its own investigation and had found no credible threat. The teen was arrested after other students complained to the Johnson County sheriff’s office.

According to court records, the sheriff’s office began an investigation on Oct. 7 by contacting the Heusman and the high school principal Scott Harrington.

A deputy later interviewed a student who said  a threat was made in science class: “if I were to shoot up the school, you would be my first target.”

Other students told the deputy they had seen a paper with the words “kill list” on it. Another student said the juvenile had asked about borrowing an AR-15 style rifle to allegedly shoot up the school.

By order of state probation, the juvenile was moved to a family services facility out of the county.