BEATRICE – Gage County officials cautioned today that the public may have to exhibit some patience in their upcoming visits to the county treasurer’s office.
The office is facing the retirements of two long-time employees, and county officials briefly discussed today the merits of replacing both positions or melding duties into one. Gage County Board Chairman Eric Tiemann said, "There may be things that the public just needs to know. There will be holdups with less staff. There will be holdups for additional information being entered, there will be holdups for equipment failure. We'll just ask everyone for their patience. I know the treasurer's office will do their best with what they have available".

Gage County Treasurer Laurie Wollenburg says there is a need to fill both positions, based on the amount of work the office does annually.
"Thirty six thousand motor vehicle registrations per year, eleven thousand titles, four thousand driver's licenses, twenty nine thousand real estate receipts, so that's eighty thousand transactions a year. And, that's besides your miscellaneous receipts, tax sales, cashiering...bookkeeping and we stuff eighteen thousand real estate statements. We do a lot, and I guess that's why I a felt we still needed the two".

The treasurer’s office staffing is similar, or smaller than other county treasurer’s offices in counties of similar size. It is the elected office holder’s decision, as to hirings to fill vacancies, working within their office budget.
A new motor vehicle registration system being used in Nebraska could also create some delays, with additional data entry.

Wollenburg said, "Similar sized counties, Seward, Saunders, Washington, they still have seven or eight people. We now have seven, including myself".
Tiemann acknowledged that the Gage County Treasurer’s Office is not overstaffed. Other issues to consider are noon hour staffing and accounting for staff vacation time.