BEATRICE, NE — Bob Vanover has known for a long time that Mosaic in Beatrice is a special place.

“Oh I love it," Vanover said. "I’ve been here five years.”

Now more people are figuring it out.  Mosaic is a regional nonprofit that provides disability support services.  The Beatrice agency was selected out of 36 locations this week as the Agency of the Year.  Executive Director Amy Bell says the agency’s success can be attributed to its dedicated staff.

“I think one employee has been working with us for 52 years," Bell said. "But even the employees that have been here six months do a great job.  They’re the backbone of everything we do.”

Mosaic Beatrice was started in 1925.  It offers residential services, case management and vocational services to intellectually disabled people 24/7.

Bob isn’t surprised to see the new award in the main lobby.  He says he’s grown since moving to Mosaic.

“It’s changed (me) in a lot of ways," Vanover said.  "It’s mainly the staff that helps.”

His mom, Carolyn, praises the Mosaic workers.

“Just by intermingling with him," Carolyn Vanover said.  "They give him little jobs and things to do, he learns to take care of himself pretty much.”

Bell says the rewarding feeling of helping people is what drives the staff.

“You go home at night feeling productive and that you’ve accomplished something," Bell said.  "That’s always a cool feeling.”