BEATRICE – The Beatrice School Board could have one of its largest audiences ever, when it moves the monthly board meeting to noon, next Tuesday.

That’s because there is likely to be an auditorium full of students, attending the meeting as part of complying with a new state law on civics requirements.

Superintendent Jason Alexander says the board will hold their October meeting in the Hevelone Center for Fine Arts, at Beatrice High School.

This past session, the Nebraska Legislature mandated civics requirements through a new state law, sponsored by Senator Julie Slama of Peru.  Alexander says both Slama and State Senator Myron Dorn, of Adams, have been invited to the board’s meeting next Tuesday.

LB 399 gave duties to the Nebraska Department of Education over the Americanism Committee and curriculum requirements in school districts.  One of the ways students can fulfill the requirements of the new law is to attend a public meeting and produce a report about it.

The new law seeks to help youth become knowledgeable about government, geography and the economy…emphasizing civic competency, responsibility and patriotism.  Options include taking a civics test, going to a government meeting followed by doing a paper or project, or doing a project or paper and class presentation about a person or event commemorated by one of the holidays designated in the bill.