NEBRASKA CITY – A German national who had attended Nebraska City High School with the foreign student exchange program told Rotarians Wednesday that the American political climate appears to have changed in recent years.

Yannis Dahlmann of Luedenscheid, Germany, lived with Nancy and Norman Brown in 2010 while he attended Nebraska City High School. He said political discourse in America has changed since then.

Dahlmann: “It’s just that the entire world is watching the United States and probably never watched them closely as right now.”

His first impressions of Americans nearly a decade ago  included their willingness to talk about politics, but he said there is now more reluctance.

Dahlmann: “When Trump became President, I think people started to not talk about politics anymore because Trump is somebody who has opinions about Mexicans and immigrants and other things in politics , which are maybe not the best for you to know that your neighbor has this opinion. People didn’t talk with each other anymore.”

He said American society appears to have been corralled into two groups, Trump supporters and people against Trump.

Dahlmann: “I think that’s a big problem. American culture was all about talking about politics, but it changed to, well, I don’t talk to you because you are a leftie or a snow flake or whatever.”

Dahlmann, 25,  is currently in college studying to be an English and history teacher. He said Nebraska City is a proper place for foreign exchange students because the small town gives the best example of American life and the Nebraska City schools and students are very welcoming.

The Brown family, which includes 16-year-old Nick, is looking forward to their 20th foreign exchange student.