FAIRBURY - The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners listened to a presentation from the Fairbury Public Library on Tuesday morning.

Susan Thomas and Deborah Aden from the library, along with city administrator Collin Biesler, gave a brief presentation on the idea of having a county library - a library that would be partially funded by the county.

Fairbury's Public Library is fully funded by the city, with an annual budget of around $230,000. Aden, the director of the library, says a county library would be a great way to reach some of the underserved communities around Fairbury.

"I would like to be able to serve more people," she said. "There are several counties, big and small, across the state that have a cooperative agreement between the city and county (for libraries)."

In Gage County, Wymore and Beatrice's libraries receive several thousand dollars worth of funding annually from the county. Libraries are fairly scarce in Jefferson County. Plymouth has one, and so does Daykin, but the Daykin Library borrows books from Fairbury.

Biesler said Tuesday that he, and the library, did not have any official proposal yet. Rather, the intent was to simply "introduce the concept" of a county library to the county board.

There's no exact timeline on if, or when, a county library would become a reality.